Every Goal is Better with a Plan.

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We are on a mission to make it fast and easy to get financial advice – minus the hassle of sharing all your financial data.

Only 1% of people have someone helping them with their finances. Yet, half of people say they need help managing their investments. But where can you go to find help without needing to spend hours of your time or needing to share all your private financial information? 

We created Lasso to solve the problem of jump-starting people on their financial journey in minutes. No more inputting all the private details of your financial life. With Lasso, you can build plans to meet your goals in minutes with only a few pieces of data. Then, connect with someone who can help you get there even more efficiently.

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A Better Way to Plan and Find Advice

Create a Plan

Select a goal and build your plan in minutes. It only requires a few pieces of data and you don’t need any financial know-how. All you have to do is aim for 100 points!

Share it with Experts

Browse the Lasso community of advisors. Whether you’re sending your plan back to the advisor you’ve been talking to, or finding an advisor for the first time, pair with someone who can help you plan for the future.

Build on it Together

Once an advisor receives your plan, they’ll build on it. Use their proposals to figure out who is best positioned to help you reach your goals.

Invest Your Money

Set up a meeting for your future and turn your plan into a game plan.