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The GoalBased Investors team is the group behind the Lasso app. We come from the finance and tech worlds and are interested in building cool, simple tools to solve complex problems. We see the power of technology to make financial planning and advice more accessible to people and want to deliver a solution that does more for individuals to kickstart their financial journey.

The Lasso app is our first product offering, but expect to see more products that are focused on making the process of engaging with finances simpler and more accessible.

Meet the team that's on a mission to improve the experience around building wealth.

Chip Castille

Founder and CEO

Chip is the founder of GoalBased Investors, the company behind the Lasso app. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and always focused on driving innovation in the space. He pioneered successful investment and financial engineering ventures throughout his career that all aim to help individuals better understand investing problems without needing to become financial experts.

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Becca Long


Becca is the President at GoalBased Investors, the company behind the Lasso app. She has close to a decade of distribution, marketing and product management experience within financial services, where she has focused, in particular, on providing innovative, digital capabilities to financial advisors.

Chris Anderson

Head of Engineering

Chris is the Head of Engineering at GoalBased Investors, the company behind the Lasso app. He has 24 years of successful engineering and management experience where he's focused, in particular, on cloud, mobile and back-end technologies. Chris has a passion for problem solving and bringing to life technology solutions that improve communication between users.

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