Two apps.

For one match.

Lasso brings together consumers and financial advisors. Each side has their own customized experience that lets them interact with the other side.

Consumers interact on a mobile-first app. Advisors interact on a tablet-first app.

Two apps bringing together the perfect match.


The mobile app for consumers that offers a better way to find a financial advisor.

Easily build a plan for your financial goals in a matter of minutes. No need to enter tons of information. Share that plan with a financial advisor who will show you exactly how they could help you make that plan more successful.

Like what you see? You've got a match!


Lasso Advisor Portal

The tablet app for advisors that offers a better way to connect with new clients.

Lasso's Advisor Portal works with the Lasso app and allows advisors to interact with prospects in an efficient, effective way of showcasing the value they could bring to the table.

If prospects like what they see, you've got a match!

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