Every Goal is Better with a Plan.

Everyone has goals. You might want to buy a house, save for your kids’ college, or just stash away enough to build up your rainy day fund. What all these goals have in common is that they require money to achieve them.

A financial plan is the best place to start. Answer four easy questions, and we’ll connect you with financial advisors who can help you turn those dreams of yours into real life achievements.

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What is Lasso?

Lasso is a social platform for building wealth and finding financial advice that fits your life and where you’re at today.

We've seen firsthand the struggles that people are up against when building wealth. Why does it take hours of time, piles of data and a finance degree to put together a basic plan for your money or to find a financial advisor? Beats us.

That's why we built Lasso — to empower people to build goals-based plans for their money and connect with a community of like-minded advisors who can help them succeed.

Lasso offers a free and easy way to build a plan for your goals without needing any knowledge of finance. When you’re ready, share your plan with an advisor to get their suggestions for how to improve. Connecting over goals creates the foundation for a more effective relationship and better outcomes for everyone.

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Why do I need a financial plan?

It's Easy

Lasso is backed by sophisticated financial tech and yet, you can easily build a plan in minutes & connect with experts who can help you improve on it.

It Builds Trust

From the minute you sign up, you partner with advisors who align with who you are. You're able to dive into your advisor's profile to ensure you're partnering with the right guide for you.

It Works

When people create a financial plan, they feel a lot more confident about their money. In fact, 63% of people who have a written play say they feel financially stable while only 28% without a plan say the same.1

Are you a financial advisor or asset manager? Connect with GoalBased Investors here to see how you can implement Lasso in your firm to help your clients achieve better outcomes.

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