Connecting with qualified prospects is about to get a lot easier.

Lasso is a refreshingly different prospecting tool for financial advisors. Connect with prospects in an efficient, effective way of showcasing your value.

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We believe finding the right clients should be easy—and free

Advisors spend countless dollars and hours every year trying to find their next clients. Social media, advertising, blogging, marketing consultants—make it stop! That's where Lasso comes in.

A social financial planning app, Lasso allows advisors to see relevant investor information before ever contacting them. No more dead ends, no more fruitless discovery meetings, no more sifting through bad leads. Connect with the right investors, send a proposal, connect. That's it.

A Better Way to Find New Clients

Connect with (Qualified) Leads

Find leads who are actively looking for professional help improving their financial plan—and set up filters so you only see leads who meet your requirements.

Create a Proposal in Minutes

After viewing an investor's plan, use the in-app proposal builder to quickly show investors how you can help them reach their goals.

Build on it Together

When an investor accepts your proposal, take the conversation out of the app and into your book of business.

Grow your Firm with New & Existing Prospects

Keep the momentum going by connecting with more new prospects through the app, and share it with your current prospect list to help them reach their goals.